Market CSA

The easiest way to shop at the farmers market!  

This year we are excited to offer a Market CSA to our friends of the farm! If you are regular customer of the farm (or would like to become one), love fresh veggies and pasture-raised meat, and want to support local agriculture, this is for you! Read on for details:

What is it?

A traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) offers farm products once a week throughout the growing season for a set price at the beginning of the season. CSA members get whatever the farmer packs in their weekly boxes – without much choice.

Our Market CSA is not a traditional CSA!  The Market CSA allows you choose what you want, when you want it, and however much you need to fit your family. You can pick up whatever farm products you’d like at any of the markets we attend, we’ll deduct the total from your account, and you can take home all your tasty picks from the day. No need for cash since you’ve pre-paid. It’s flexible and the easiest way to shop at the farmers market!

By signing up for a Market CSA, you will receive an additional 5-15% added to your account. This is a great way to get more value for your dollar. You also support your local farmers by paying up front, we are able to buy seeds, equipment, and other supplies we need to grow the best veggies for the season.



The Market CSA will run in conjunction with our outdoor market season – late May-October. You can stop by whichever market is convenient for you. Your account can be used at any and all of these markets.

Wetzel County Farmers Market – Thursdays 3:30-6pm Bruce Park – New Martinsville, WV

Bridgeport Farmers Market – Sundays 10am-2pm Charles Pointe – Bridgeport, WV

Share Options

We have three options available this year, you choose what is best for your family. Each comes with a bonus credit which will automatically be applied to your account.

  • The Bushel – A $300 credit to your market purchases, or roughly $15 per market. A BONUS CREDIT of $45 will be applied, for a total of $345 market credit (15% off of our market prices).
  • The Peck – A $200 credit toward your market purchases, or roughly $10 per market. A BONUS CREDIT of $20 will be applied, for a total of $220 market credit (10% off of our market prices).
  • The Basket – A $100 credit toward your market purchases, or roughly $5 per market. A BONUS CREDIT of $5 will be applies, for a total of $105 market credit (5% off our market prices).

Other questions

Do I have to go to the market each week? – Nope, attend whenever fits your schedule.

What if I can’t make it? – That’s ok. We know summer is a busy time for everyone with vacations, work schedules, and more. You don’t have to attend each market, but remember to spend down your account because it can’t roll-over to next season.

Will you be there every week? – We do our best to be at all the markets. However, it is just Farmer John and Mollie running the farm and working the markets. We may have to miss a week once or twice throughout the summer. We will notify our Market CSA members if we are planning to be gone.



5-15% added to your account when you sign up!

No need to stop at the ATM before market, you’ve pre-paid! We will keep track of your account balance.

Regular farm updates including what to expect at the market and Farmer John’s favorite recipes

Special orders – Know what you want, but afraid it will be gone before you get there? Just send us a message before market and we will set it aside for you


The fine print

This is not a traditional CSA – You will not receive a box of produce. Instead, you are free to choose from whatever we are offering at the farmers market.

We may have to miss a market every now and then throughout the season. We will do our best to let you know if we will NOT be at the market.

Your account cannot roll-over to another year, be refunded, or used for purchases outside of our market stand. If you find yourself with dollars to spend we suggest stocking up on meat or veggies to store for winter eating!


How to sign up

At this time we cannot accept online payment. If you would like to sign up send Farmer John an email ( or call our house 304-455-1314 and we will send you a Market CSA agreement and let you know how to pay by check or cash.

Amount due for:

  • The Bushel $300
  • The Peck $200
  • The Basket $100

The 5-15% additional credit will be applied after payment and available to spend at the first market.

Thanks for your interest and support of our farm!  – Farmers John & Mollie