Deep-fried CHEESE and Saag Paneer

As requested from a post on Facebook, this is the recipe we use when making cheese. And, as with many activities in our life, I use the term “we” loosely. Farmer John is the cook in our house, I cheer him on from the kitchen table – and keep his wine or pint glass full. […]

Summer Farm Food

As we’ve mentioned plenty of times before, we love living on the farm because we get to eat so much good food. This time of year is probably the best because of all the fresh produce. I’ve tried to document some of our meals, but usually I’m just too hungry and dig right in. So, […]

Happy National Farmers Market week!

This week is National Farmers Market week. Markets all over the state and country are celebrating. We kicked off the week at Bridgeport Farmers Market where Farmer John was interviewed by a local TV station. You can take a look at the article and video here. We think it turned out very well, and have […]